Experience the unique international, thematic and Turkish cuisines at our restaurants in Sea Garden. We combine themes, tastes, quality, service and ambiance to offer you unforgettable gastronomic experiences.


The restaurant serves international cuisine in the evening in the form of a buffet.

The name of the restaurant dates back to ancient times: In those days amphorae were used as storage and transport containers for oil, olives and wine, as well as for honey, milk, grain, garum, tropical fruits such as dates, etc. You will see a variety of amphorae when you descend the stairs to the restaurant. 


The Laguna restaurant spoils you with culinary treats throughout the day: In the morning enjoy your breakfast with a view of the Greek island of Kos, a self-service buffet is offered at lunch time and in the evening the "Laguna" turns into a fish restaurant. On the fish evenings various salads, Turkish side dishes and fresh fish from the Aegean are served – a delight for all fish lovers.

The Laguna restaurant is located on the hotel side beside the pool.


In the Merhaba restaurant you can discover the regional food culture: In the evening various delicacies from regional cuisine are served here. 

The restaurant is located on Mini Bodrum Street.

La Cuccina

Enjoy fine Italian cuisine in "La Cuccina". A large selection of pizzas and spaghetti and antipasti are served here with an impressive view of the sea. 

With all-inclusive offers you need a voucher for the reservation. This is available from the reception.